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Shin Splints right before marathon---HELP!! Forum Index -> Mid-Packers

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Joined: 09 May 2006
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PostPosted: 10/03/06 - 09:07    Post subject: Shin Splints right before marathon---HELP!!
I have posted on this site before a while ago and am training for my first marathon. I am following Hal Higdon's program actually because many of you recommended it. I am in my second last week of my training currently. I have trained successfully the whole way thru until last week. Here is how it played out.
Week 15 was my peak week with 5,10,5 miles and then a 20 miler on saturday. I did all that without any problems. Week 16 was 5, 8, 4 miles all done successfully and then on the day following the 4 miler....a rest day....late that evening i felt a bit sore in my left shins. Not bad pain though. So I woke up and did the 12 miles I was supposed to on saturday. I felt great until about mile 8 or 9 and then the left shin started hurting. So I walked some and ran some. I was hurting bad all day saturday and sunday so i iced all day and took ibuprofrin.

Which brings me to where I am now. Week 17 was supposed to run 4,6,3 and an 8 miler on saturday. Week 18 is 3, 4, 2 with the marathon on October 14th...that Sunday. I skipped my 4 miler this morning. All day yesterday walking around I felt nothing in my left leg. No pain at all. Still iced it anyway last night.

But my question is: How do I train the remaining two weeks?? Do I run at all?? I dont want to aggravate that left leg more...but I am curious if I am healed up and how much I should test it. I am not sure if I should do the 8 miler or not??

I am not sure how long shin splints take to heal?? Any advice or recommendations?? Help!![/b]
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PostPosted: 10/05/06 - 18:10    Post subject: you might try this
Here is a story from someone who says acupuncture helps with shin splints.

Here is also someone who recommends taping:
"I swear by taping the affected shin... I use sport tape, 3 anchor strips over the site-and then wrap around them. The difference I feel pre and post run is huge over not taping. I always ice immediately after removing the tape."

Hope that helps. I'm really interested in the acupuncture idea -- let us know if you find something that works.
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PostPosted: 10/05/06 - 19:42    Post subject:
I would try taping if it doesn't get better before the marathon. It doesn't help to heal anything, and the problem isn't resolved by taping, but it really helps to reduce or eliminate the pain. It should be stressed that this is a very temporary remedy and I'd only use it for the marathon because you've trained a long time for it. But after that... rest rest rest until the shin splints are gone.
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Joined: 09 May 2006
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PostPosted: 10/05/06 - 19:58    Post subject:
Throughout the day I do not feel them at all when I am walking around. I am thinking of trying to run the 8 miles on Saturday. Do you think this is a good strategy??

Also...the majority of my long training runs came out to an 8:15 minute pace on average. How should I pace myself early in the race?? I dont want to go too fast too soon....but can I shoot for right around an 8 minute pace or should i slow down more?? My longest run was 21 miles and I did that at a 8:09 pace. I will appreciate any advice from anyone out there....Thanks!!
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PostPosted: 10/07/06 - 15:00    Post subject:
Here's my experience, and from it my advice based soley on my experience:

Experience: I ran a marathon in May and because I didn't have enough of a base before training I ended up with shin splints and at first they just hurt during the first two miles and after that it was okay. Progressively the pain got worse. Finally, three or four weeks before the marathon I was on an 8 mile run and a half mile into the race I just couldn't run. It hurt too badly. I took the three weeks off before the race. No running. Marathon day my legs were fine.

As far as I know, the only real way to heal a shin splint is by not running. It's an overuse and undertraining injury. If you increase your mileage too quickly, or are a new running, then you are more likely to suffer shin splints.

Advice: Don't run until the day of the marathon. You've put in the training and nothing you can do now will specifically help you for the marathon but anything you do can hurt you for marathon day. If you were healthy then running would help you maintain, but you'll lose little by marathon day.
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