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Joined: 23 Nov 2008
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PostPosted: 11/23/08 - 19:58    Post subject: Help with Shin and Calf Burning While Running

I am 34 year old male, about 5' 7" 165 pounds.

I used to run all the time, on tracks, on the street, etc. and I never had a problem with running. About 5 years ago when I was about 29 years old I couldn't run anymore for any prolonged period of time. The reason was because everytime I would run, my calves would start burning intensely and would become "extremely tight." this was not only my calves, but my shins as well.

I took some time off running and tried again several months later and I could not run at full speed longer than 2 or 3 minutes before the burning/tightness started setting in.

I then began a quest to find out why. First I tried my doctor who stated I just needed rest and better stretching. After trying that for several times I realize it was more than that. I researched articles online. I tried eating more bananas for potassium. I tried potassium supplements, magnesium even calcium.

I tried several different shoes over the course of several years. Everything from top of the line running shoes to easy impact basketball shoes. I tried running differently (even though my running style didn't change overnight).

I just don't know what to do at this point. It has been 5 years since I've been able to run. I have turned to riding bikes, but I really enjoy running and it's bothered me that I have not been able to run for so long. The longest I have been able to run is about 12 minutes and that is not even at full speed because I have to take a walk break every 3 minutes because the burnning/tightness just becomes unbearable.

The running forum is my last hope at somebody with similar situations that might be able to shed some advice. Keep in mind this has been going on for FIVE YEARS. I've been to doctors who think I'm crazy.

I suggested to my doctor that maybe I have PAD (peripheral artery disease) just because who knows? He checked the blood flow to my legs and said I seem fine and told me the same crap I already know - "Try some bananas and stretching, maybe get some quality shoes." Like I haven't already tried that for 5 years.

I will praise anybody who has had the same problem and can tell me if I'll ever be able to run again. By the way, the pain is worse while on a treadmill, if that matters any. Maybe because it's a constant speed. While running a track, I can last slightly longer possibly because I can vary the speed that I'm going.

Thanks so much for listening to me rant.
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Joined: 03 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: 01/03/09 - 14:41    Post subject: You are not alone
I know this post is a few weeks old, but thought I'd chime in.

I have been going through the exact same thing. Calf muscles, specifically anterior muslces, start burning and cramping sometimes as quickly as a 1/2 mile into my runs. If I take enough walking breaks, I can complete 2 miles usually, but my calves are completely clinched and burninng by that time. I've been an fairly avid runner (2-3 days per week) for around 3 years and the problem has only gotten worse.

I've tried everything as well. New shoes, different shoes, different pace, different surfaces, treadmills, different form, stretching before-during-after, warm up no warm up, strength training, increase workout, decrease workout, and any and all combinations of the above. Cushioned shoes, motion control, minimalistic (Nike Free), heel strike, mid foot strike, toe strike. Taking a few weeks off, running everyday, every few days, once a week, etc.

I'm 5'10", 185 pounds, and have been active my entire life. Nothing has seemed to help much at all. I'm going to an orthopedic surgeon next week. I've almost given up, but I enjoy running more than any other activity. Working out inside is torture for me. I would love to find a magic pill for this...
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Joined: 15 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: 01/15/09 - 08:24    Post subject:

This is exactly the same thing I have been suffering from for years. Pain when running that forces me to stop and walk after only a couple of minutes. I actually visited a physio about it when it first occurred and he diagnosed flat feet.

Unfortunately since then I have rebuilt my arches using orthopaedic inserts and lengthened my calf muscle by stretching (it had shortened creating stress on the shin muscle as it tried to lift up my toes), but the problem persists. If anything it is worse than before.

If someone who has experienced this before could help me and the people above me out I think we'd all love you forever.
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Joined: 03 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: 01/15/09 - 09:39    Post subject:
I visited a sports medicine / orthopedic surgeon and he diagnosed me with excertional compartment syndrome of the anterior shin muscles. Options were surgery for only permanent fix. Or, reduce impact with cross-training. Also, stretching or physical therapy can help to manage the symptoms. I found that by allowing more plantar flex and reduce the muscle tension when I plant my foot will help to reduce the severity of the stiffness.
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Joined: 16 Apr 2009
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PostPosted: 04/16/09 - 02:51    Post subject:
HI, i'm a 31 year soccer player and suffer with the same problem...

In order for me to cope i stretch and start warm-up running till my calves want to fall off (about 7 min), i then take a 10min break to stretch and relax. After that, i rub on some arnica gel, and when that dries, i take normal insulation tape, and strap my calves from the outside in. Normally about 3-4 sections at a time so the bottom half of my legs look like a zebra. Apparently this helps level out the tention in my outer calves and shins. and i can then play a full 90minutes of soccer. Let me know if that helps a little, but bare in mind u need to stop when it's really burning, and take a few minutes to stretch and a few minutes to relax on ur ass before applying my ritual. If there is a permanent solution, please let me know.
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Joined: 02 May 2009
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PostPosted: 05/02/09 - 18:45    Post subject:
Hi Y'all,

I too suffer the same condition and am looking for a solution. No more than 5 minutes of running and my outer calfs are burning and so tight that even walking is then difficult. I walk through it for a few minutes and then I'm good for another few minute run and the cycle continues.

I am 44 male 6'1" 185 and been very active with most sports since before high school ... just not running. I'm trying to do a sprint distance triathlon next month. I've been training for a couple months. The swimming and biking is no problem but I dread the run.

The tightness and burn is along the outer calf from above the ankle to below knee. I find this area impossible to stretch. The back of the calf is easy to stretch by leaning forward keeping heels on the ground. But I can't flex my foot "in" (soles together) enough to get an outer calf stretch.

This calf muscle tightness and burn seems different than other muscles. The only similiarity I notice is to outer forearm muscles. If I do reverse wrist curls I can get my forearms to tighten up and burn in a similar way. Something biceps, quads, lats, etc. just don't do. The other muscles max out, but they don't burn and tighten up like the outer calfs.

Hope someone has the answer out there so I won't be walking (hobbling) at the finish line.

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Joined: 05 Aug 2009
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PostPosted: 08/05/09 - 23:35    Post subject:
So, I was in the same boat not too long ago. Every time I ran somewhat hard, I would get this intense burning in my shin muscles and it would be very tight (and stretching would not help)

Turns out it's compartment syndrome...

I have it on the anterior/lateral sides of my shin (outside of the leg). The way it works is that the muscle expands and without room to grow, since the wrapping around the muscle isn't flexible, the capillaries are squeezed shut due to the pressure. This causes a lack of nutrient/oxygen flow to the cells.

If you're serious about this diagnosis, go see your doctor and ask for the test. It isn't pretty. They stick a nice long pressure gauge into each of your 4 compartments (only need 3 stabs total), have your run until you get pain in your shins, more stabbing, more stabbing.

It hurts. get the results and you have compartment syndrome

Two options. First one is an elective surgery ($$$$$$) with a 70-90% success rate assuming good surgeon and rehab (which is not pretty). This surgery is a "major" minor operation. They are cutting open your legs...meaning nerves and other possible problems. The other option is physical therapy. PT may be able to stretch and expand the fascia (wrapping around the muscle) enough so running isn't a problem anymore.

I'm getting PT right now and it's amazing. The pain is sometimes there in the end when I push it but it's not bad at all. Other times it's completely pain free.

I've had PT before and the guy I'm with now is a miracle worker. Not all PT is the same.

-Compartment syndrome if...
-tingling of the lower extremities due to nerve compression
-foot drop (hard to raise your foot because the muscle is exhausted)
-muscle that hurts, not the bone
-Get the test done
-Surgery or PT
-life style choice
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Joined: 23 Nov 2008
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PostPosted: 10/23/09 - 16:43    Post subject: Thanks for the replies
Thanks everyone on this thread. I know it's a year later but I have an ortho appointment next week. I will post my results that will maybe help others who have this problem.
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Joined: 09 Nov 2009
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PostPosted: 11/09/09 - 03:02    Post subject:
Hi all,

dsc5890 is exactly right. I visited a very good orthopedic surgeon here in San Diego and explained to him my problems as mentioned by others in this post and he knew exactly what it was. This compartment syndrome is tough to deal with because most of us are not willing to undergo the surgery. My doctor explained to me that they use very long shears to cut slits in the membrane surrounding the muscles to let them properly expand. There is a good chance for permanent numbness due to accidently cutting nerves. I already have a numb patch on my knee from my ACL surgery and it kind of bugs me. I couldn't imagine having a numb foot or something like that.

I've been analyzing the mechanics of running and I thought I'd share some thoughts with everyone. Running can be broken into two main phases: the landing phase and the pushing phase. The landing phase is not the root cause of our problem. If you're like me, you can ride a bike and there are no issues with cramping (because biking does not over exert the shin muscles). It's the pushing phase that creates the most exertion in the shins. During this phase, you are pushing forward and slightly up. The front part of your foot springs off the ground and the shin muscles are doing a lot to counter these forces. For example, relax your foot and feel your shin muscles. Now push on the ground with your front part of your foot. You should feel these muscles tighten. If you run a mile, this happens about 1000 times per leg. Your shin muscles expand and are restricted and you start to lose strength. When you lose strength in your shin you may notice that your feet begin slapping the ground. This is because your shin muscles also lifts your foot up during the landing phase.

Im not an expert but just a mechanical engineer with the desire to understand why and how to fix it. Im considering designing a shoe that minimizes exertion to the shin muscles. If this sounds like something that might interest you, feel free to email me at mark(@) (remove the parenthesis of course).

mid 30's, 5'11", 185lbs
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Joined: 14 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: 04/14/10 - 18:15    Post subject:
hey im the age of 15 i know pretty young compared to you guys well im a freshman and im on varsity basketball so my coach puts alot of work on me and maybe like 2 years ago i started to get this burning calf sensation when i run i can only run maybe 2 or 3 laps around the track before it starts killing me. At first i thought it was my shoes so i got bigger and better shoes and it doesnt help, before i practice i stretch helps a little but not so much, so if any you guys have any suggestions i would be really appreciative of what you have to offer. Also i am 6'3 and i weigh around 200 pounds if that has anything to do with it.
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Joined: 21 May 2010
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PostPosted: 05/21/10 - 13:14    Post subject: burning calves while running
I just had to post this and let everyone know...I had burning calves and major soreness after I ran/worked out. My calves would start burning as soon as I started running/walking fast. I went to my doctor and she suggested I try taking a potassium supplement. I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a bottle of potassium pills for $5.00 and it helped me immediately! 2 days after I started taking the pills my burning was so minimal and bearable! 4 days after there was no burning at all! Try this it helped me!
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Joined: 28 Jul 2010
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PostPosted: 07/28/10 - 15:32    Post subject: burning calfs/shin muscle
I was reading eveyones post on calf/shin muscle burning pain during running,the only thing I can't run I just jog. this pain everyone is concerned about I am concerned about as well. I have been working out since I was about 13 on and off. I am now 36 female and have been trying to shed these few pounds ever since I developed a heel spur then had to stop completely,since that time I gained a lot of unwanted weight, and now its like its so irritating trying to jog and then your calf starts to burn so then I stop walk it off and regain jogging,I have stretched stretched and stretched,bought heel inserts the good kind,good running shoes,even take advil before my runs and applying any kind of topical gels ect. (ben-gay) for now just gonna resort to my elliptical for a few days see if that helps but if anyone has insight or can help please do post it. Very Happy Confused Mad
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Joined: 24 Sep 2010
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PostPosted: 09/24/10 - 22:12    Post subject: Calf burn while walking or hiking
I have been experiencing the calf burn described above for the past few weeks. I'm a 51 year old female and have been walking and hiking for the past 2 months. My routine is pretty regular, walk 3 times a week, dance class 1 night and usually a 3-4 hour hike on weekends.

As my endurance increases, I've taken longer and faster walks/hikes. This past week, I went on two walks, fast paced but on relatively level trails. Both times within 5 minutes of starting, my calf burn became sever. It affects the anterior calf around to the sides. The front of the calf is pain free. I've stopped and stretched several times and it doesn't seem to help. Eventually it seems to subside but not go away until after the walk is over. My husband has no issues and his routine is the same as mine.

I've always had large, muscular calves and I was thinking that it just the price of pushing myself but now, after reading these posts, I wonder if it isn't something else. Im going to try taking potassium supplements to see if that helps.

I just want to know if this pain is causing injury or just a byproduct of becoming more active.
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Joined: 11 Feb 2011
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PostPosted: 02/11/11 - 15:00    Post subject: FREAKING SO GLAD I FOUND THESE POSTS
i have searched the web for the last several months and nothing was this informative.

im a 35yr old, very athletic male and i have been running a hard mile prior to weights..

my shins kill and get so tight its unbearable...i stretch and figured after running for months it would go away...not the case.

i will try potassium first, but if anyone can explain their PT exercises...i will try those too.
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Joined: 21 Mar 2011
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PostPosted: 03/21/11 - 14:48    Post subject: Ahhhhh me tooooooooo
Wow the OP's symptoms are just like mine.
I'm 21, ran xc and track for hs and recently began running again. I definitely was keeping a reasonable milage (20 - 30 per week). It seemed allright until the cold weather hit and I started running on the treadmill. Since then, my legs have been completely wrecked. My shins are slightly sore, but that's really not bad. The bad part is the pain in my calves that begins within minutes after I start my workout. It feels like someone wrapped those muscles in shrink wrap and was gradually tightening it more and more. It's gotten so bad that I've been unable to run at all for the Past few weeks. I checked with a sports medicine specialist but he seems to thunk its a minor calf sprain... Which I've had before and recovered quickly from. Anyway, I'll try the potassium pills and get back to everyone... And I'm Pretty sure it's not a flexibility issue since I've always been like a pretzel and have been doing yoga. Anyhow. I'm going to check back with my doc in a couple of weeks and let people know. Btw, anyone get really good results with something they've tried?
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Free running gear!
Lower back tightness while running
Poll Not Poll - How Many pairs of running shoes??
I'm a running coach
Improvements in running...
what does herring have to to with running
Running commercials
running for practical reasons...
NO running tonight
Good Luck to those running Country Music M this weekend
New running shoes not absorbing impact!
Vaude Splash running/cycling backpack
New Orthotics and Running a Half-Marathon has arrived
Interesting Running Course Web Site
America's Running Routes
Sort of a noob - Which running shoes to buy?
Any ideas for running in Las Vegas?
Buying running shoes online
I was just looking for some running tights is all
Biking to running (or vice versa) knee pain
Running Pet Peeves
Running Efficency
Running poor region
Running to lose weight?
Running Program
running schedule suggestions
Question about running in warmer weather
need cheap running watch with pace
Clothes for running
Your Running Forums CV.
Help kids w/ your old running shoes!!!
Can anyone recommend a running store in chicago burbs?
So you say you're going to be running in Duluth this weekend
Finally! A Running Nightmare!
Nat'l Running Center 15% 0ff
To our friends and visitors from coolrunning
Running 1.5 miles in 11:30min or less
was France running a special on broken Collar Bones?
it's an emo song, but i swear it could be a running song
running at night vs. the morning
how do running and cycling compare?
There's a fine line between ultrarunning and insanity
Running program
Back to normal...a running dream for me!
I'm running ..
I'm not Running...
Random musing while running
A Running Nightmare Snippet
Do you carry a bag while running?
New Running DVD
running info
Novice Runners Post Ankle Tendonitis Running Program
Running Coach for Biomechanics Critique?
If they did a "running of the bulls" in your city
Running program for beginner
Quite possibly my dumbest running "stunt" EVAR!
Question about frequent running.
Stiff neck - will running help?
riff raff to cross over to the dark side aka ultra running
New Book About Running
ok my running center has got my confused......
I have a running question...
Running for Beginners
Cycling versus Running
New to running and this forum
Comments and reviews on article "Running in the Dark"
eliptical training for running
Question about running watches
Running Books
Embarassing to ask...but #2 while running??
improve my running speed in 2 months
replacing running spikes - the shoes, not the actual spikes
stomach pain while running
Knee issues/running form
Calve pain sometimes when running feels like it tearing.
Comments and reviews on article "Beginner's Running Program"
Running Multiple times a day
Guide To Buying A Pair Of Running Shoes
Alternative running gear...
Running for life
Need help with my running...
running in the rain
Pain in calves only WHILE running - suggestions?
Lower back pain hindering my running!
Morning Running NOT to Burn Fat
Bunch of kids running distance races in Oregon
I'm throwing away the running shoes...
Both arms go numb when running...
Feet fall asleep while running... terrible pain
Evolution Running and a Running Forums discount
Christian running group
Running group
Running in Florida
Leg pain goes away while running...comes back after
Running Shirt, Slogan Contest!
Swimming and Running
new to running need advice please
cyclist/running newb (with a hydration question)
Zensah Running Tights
Digestive issues from running more...
Running vs Jogging
Running barefoot?
Knee pain by running but not by cycling?
Am I wearing the right running shoe?
How many calories do you eat before running?
Your ideal music for running?
Foods and running question
Running with Asthma problem
Do you use running logs?
Frequent running and coffee consumption?
Advice on Trail Running Shoes
Knee pain while running
running long vs. running fast
Running with a hat or bare headed?
Dealing with the heat when running?
Visiting NY: good running stores in Manhattan
What is Ideal weight for running?
Winter running: Pants or Tights?
Cramps when running
Eating before running good or bad?
running and yoga?
thyroid problems and running
Found a new job - No time for running
Thoughts on beer and running
what changes did you see when you first began running?
Terrible pressure on knees when running
Returning to running after a year pause
Running Footwear question
Running with dogs - accidentally
Funny running situations?
Improving my running
running is not my thing. marching band is. but you...
Breast Augmentation and running
Any recommended books on running for women?
when to change running shoes
Light shoes for running?
Foot type and running shoes choice
Your most inspiring moments in running
Help me with my running schedule
Outdoor vs Treadmill running
Running clothes for pregnant women?
Kids' running programs
How safe is running in the dark?
Throw up after running a mile
Carrying water bottle while running?
best running shoes for a heavyweight?
Period running cramps
Thryoid problems and running
Fast Food and running
Inconsistent with my running
Running with flu?
Running in L.A.
Ice and massage after running?
Hydration on summer runnings
Running in the New Jersey
Running for teens
Common mistakes in running?
Stomach problems when running ?
Running shoes for kids?
Articles on running
After a year break, I'm running again
How much benefit by running
The best age to start running?
4 Feet Running: Ep. 18 -- Philly Marathon Part 1
Encouragement when running
Terminology in running
The most hardcore thing in running is?
Rate your running skill
Weird things happening during running
What is your biggest running chalenge?
Running the neighbourhood
Feeling bad with every running?
Easy tired when running
Running songs
Who's your running partner?
best spikeless running shoes
Who is your running role model?
Wearing backpack when running?
Running like a pro
Running on the beach
Modifying shoes for running?
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7 best running shoes
Walk breaks during running
Running while on antidepressants
Off season running
protein before or after running?
Your running routine
Why did you began running?
Brooks Glycerin 5 running shoes
Wearing goggles when running?
Other sports next to running
Running with electronics?
Did you tried cheap running shoes?
trail running in the rain
Night Running
For employed - Night or early morning running ?
How to breath through the nose only while running
Ever got embarassed on the running
Best temperature for running
Clothes for running
How to wash expencive running shoes?
What weather have to be for your running mood?
Cycling as cross training for running?
Asphalt or Concrete for running
Suit for Winter running
Fall is the best for running
4 Feet Running: Ep.24 - Is there a doctor in the house?
Running Camp for kids
Advices on breathing when running
Looking for personal running coach?
Any oil or cream protection for legs during winter running?
OrthoticsGood running bra
Running apparel / clothing
Running nerds
Swimming and running in what portion
Sunlenses or sunglasses for running
Uncomfortable new running shoes
Hip replacement and running
Miles running or miles cycling
Headphones for running?
Hardcore running?
Running parallel with cycling?
Losing motivation and losing sight of my running goal
Cycling or Running - Which is harder?
Running when you're sick?
Cycling and running in what dose?
Running and sickness problem
What is the frequency that your running naturally slows down?
Replacing running shoes after a month?
After a long absence I'm back to running
Where to find a resource for local running tracks?
Your Favorite Running Shoes?
Thinking about making a running blog
Numb foot when running
Running on the beach is more difficult?
My first pair of running shoes!
Keeping hair off face while running
Contact lenses or glasses for running?
Which watch for running timing?
How many years of running experience you have?
Change training from running to cycling
who makes the ugliest looking running shoes?
Swimming vs Running - What gives you bigger excitement?
Watch for Running?
Cold weather and running schedule
maximum humidity for running
The right shoes for running
Running vs cycling training
Increase running mileage
Running nude
Where to buy a running skirt?
Running Software info
Anti-depressants and running question?
Biggest sacrifice for running ?
Your activities before you started running?
Running pace concept
Sneezing after a running on the rain
Good Trail Running Shoes
Winter running training
Where to buy good running shoes in NYC?
starting with running again after hysterectomy
Are you dedicated to running?
Have idea of starting a running club
The best running routine
Running on a high altitude
My biggest sacrifice for running is...?
Running shoe recommendations for flat footed
Running aches and pains
Running apparel for ladies
Running vs Cycling thoughts
Running Camps
Running gear info
Running shoes for sand
Is it possible to get lactation from running?
Worst and Best running shoes
Ideal Running Shoe Shape
Running in High Heels?
Running shoes problem
Running with fibromyalgia?
Timing devices for running
styles of shorts for running
Flat foot and running shoe selection
Just lost a toenail by long distance running
menstrual like cramps while running
what was your worst running shoe ever?
Cross-training with running help swimming?
Running shoe average lifetime
Sweat Stains ruining my running shirts!!
Kicking myself in the ankle with new running shoes
Always have multiple pairs of running shoes
Which one is the best online running shoe store?
Resuming Running After C-Section
Losing toenails with wrong running shoes
Washing running shoes?
What running shoes during hot time?
Competitive Endurance Running Research Opportunity
new to running for basic training
Running Faster
Taking up running for the first time
El Guapo Running Club in Jacksonville, FL
Running with your dogs
Does your running have a purpose?
Running City Tours in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Back to running... a few questions
Looking for running partner in Jacksonville, FL
Heart Rate While Running
Question - Running 4 Months, Hobbling For 3 Months...
Running after abdominal hysterectomy
Balanced running programme
swimming vs running vs cycling
Need a Running Partner
Anyone running The Bourbon Chase?
Chicago Running
Running City Tours in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Does cycling help running?
Personalized Running shirts
Heart rate increases rapidly while running then decelerates
HELP new to running and need to for basic!!!!
Dressing for Cold Weather Winter Running
Novel on Running-"Runner's Honor"
How can I make a good running plan?
Running up/down hill
The surface for running
Running for my Father - Inspirational Film on DVD
Getting back into running - problems with ITB?
Feet pain when running
Country Music Marathon '09 - anybody running it?
problems with running stride
Bodyweight Exercises while running?
How to stud your shoes for winter running
Triathlon running forum
What kind of running log is good for me?
New Balance Running Shoes
Need Some advice on Running.
Hello, I'm new (new to running)
Running in Hiking Shoes
Switched to running and muscle/weight concerns
Improve Baserunning speed
New to this site and New to running!!
What are some good running shoes for a treadmill?
Classics for running? Also other recommendations?
Pain in left leg after running
Supplements for running
running when its hot and humid
Help Please - Evening running so much better!
something for running on those hot summer days
Heart rate while running
Looking to start running need REALLY high tops
350 lbs man needs running advice
Getting Back into Running
Has anyone heard of Asics Kinsei Shogun running shoes?
Running and a metallic taste in my mouth
Overweight and want to start running.
Free Newton running clinic in NYC on 10/30
Bought Exact Same Running Shoes, New Ones Hurt Feet
Need information on running with 5 yr old girl
post-marathon running pain
new Fitgerald running book-first chapter free
Survey about running shoes
Difference between jogging and running
Running slow hurts while running medium-fast does not???
running downhill on recovery days
Pain in ankles/lower back has prevented me from running
Running Blog
Running Incantations
Interview with Charlie Engle from Running the Sahara
Running and sensitive stomach problems?
Expert Advice needed - trail vs running shoes
Female Running Partner needed in Haymarket/Gainesville VA!
Adult Running Camp
Wind Resistance and Running
bad if running marathon with not many miles?
New at running but loving it... is it OK 5k every day?
I'm looking for funny running shirts, any suggestions?
Difference between running outside shoes and treadmill shoes
walk/running with fibromyalgia and encountering fatigue
best running shoes
Calves tigthen when jogging/running
Running Barefoot?
High Heart Rate while running? Something to be worried about
I need some helpfull critisim for my new website on running!
Run Mate - an iPhone app for running training plans
What do u eat after running???
Comments and reviews on article "Do Running Shoes Do More Harm Than Good?"
Left foot/ankle pain while running
Good Running Headphones
Looking for a running partner in troy ohio
UD Running Study
The most suitable clothing for running???
Running the Great Wall
Are you running??
A running student!
Long Term effects of Long distance running
NB shoes,perfect for running?
Barefoot running - foot & ankle pain
Running For Weight Loss
Running Belt
endurance + higher energy while running
running sick
Which running shoes should I get
Running Injury
Interval running workouts
Knee Pain From Running
fibromyalgia and running
Nike GPS Running Watch Released
Back to running
How do i train with cycling to replace running? foot unjury.
Off-season cross country winter running
My First Running Plan
Headache after running
upper and mid back tightens when running, any thoughts?
What do you think of this running shoe?
Running with chronic illness
Just bought my first running shoes, total newbie! Need advi
What I do after running?
Fibromyalgia and Running
What's your running shoes?
Running Flats for Wide Feet
New online running program
Strength Training Routine To Prevent Knee Pain When Running
Running 2.4km in under 11 minutes
Feedback for new running gear
Inspiring Running Books
running faster
Reading Running Fiction
Public Awareness of the risks of Marathon Running Study
Running my 1st San Francisco Marathon
Running Breathing Tips
Trail running shoes for over-pronators/ "Beast" owners
Attn: Ultra Runners---Running for the Buckle
Trail Running Streaks
Overpronators and Neutral running shoes
Running Beginner to Full-Marathon
Running Tips for New Runners
Help critique this intro running guide
I get bored when running...
Mud Running
Best Rated Running Shoes
Running Training Methods
My New Running Blog
Huge List of Best Running Books and Movies (Almost 200)
Stress running for 6 weeks
Recommended Running Shoes
How to Choose Your Basic Running Gear
Running shoe good for the gym, too?
Smart Ways to Prevent Running Injuries
Running Health Benefits: A Quick Rundown
Ever meditate while running?
Running Music confusion
Things You Can Learn From Distance Running
Running as Part of Weight Loss Systems
running with orthotics
Brooks Glycerin 9 Running Shoes
UD Running Study
I need some helpfull critisim for my new website on running!
Running races for charity
What is a good running schedule for a 17 year old male?
new running questions
Compression Tights For Marathon Running
No Feeling of Exertion While Running?
10k Running Study, Participants Needed
Pains while running?
How to Choose Running Shoes
Middle School Running
Help! How much to eat to gain weight while running 50mpw
Running for Childhood Cancer
customizing running shoes/trainers online - please help
running question
Cool Runnings Training Program
Is running two miles a day enough to lose weight? 
Running Aid
Running Project Concepts
running for flat abs and weight loss
Is this a good routine to increase running speed+endurance?
High arches need help on picking running shoes
RunningBrief Weekly Digest
Great new running product
Returning to running after a stress fracture
16 year old male new to running :D
Running Frequency and Distance
Running a Hilly 50k
Running with Strength Training
Profile Design Running Belt
Running Chat
Running Headphones?
Quick survey: Study about technology use while running
Help with running for beginner runner having stress fracture
Stomach pains while running
Running Shoes for Flat Feet
Finally started running again.
An app for safe running
Back to running after a long layoff


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